Thailicious America: Lan Larb Chiang Mai’s Zha Jein (Northern Thai)

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Join us on our Thailicious America journey where we’re going to transport you to Thailand one bite at a time and show you our absolute best Thai restaurants right here in the U.S. diving deep into Thailand's diverse regional styles!

In this Northern Thailand episode, we’re trying this delicious specialty of Lanna Thai dish called “Zha Jein” (Northern Thai Style Spicy Beef Larb) that you probably never heard of! "Zha" means raw and "Jein" means meat. Traditional "Zha Jein" is eaten raw but for this recipe we're going to stir fry. Chef "Kate", born and raised in Northern Thailand and owner of Lan Larb Chiang Mai, will show us how to make this quick and easy dish using Northern Thai style spicy chili and herb called "Prik Larb".

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