Thailand’s Special Tourist Visa (STV) For Long-Staying Visitors

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The Thai Closet has actually authorized in principle a proposal by the Ministry of Tourism as well as Sports to grant an Unique Tourist Visa (STV) for long-staying site visitors.
Visitors can remain in the nation for 90 days, which can be prolonged twice, each for an additional 90 days. The visa will cost 2,000 Baht per 90-day extension.
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13 Responses to Thailand’s Special Tourist Visa (STV) For Long-Staying Visitors

  1. K1 & K2 Daniels says:


  2. Matthew telling says:

    My god. Why do they make it so complex. Idiots

  3. Kevin P says:

    Who has money and time to be locked up in a hotel at your expense for two weeks?

  4. Craig Grist says:

    Does anybody know any agencies aproved by thai authourities? I want to ‘declare my intent’ but they aren’t giving any clues on where do to do that online.. thanks ✌

  5. steve Justice says:

    Same here…I hear you can only go on a charter flight….so if you can’t get enough people for a charter flight what is the point….how do you get a seat on a charter flight?

  6. steve Justice says:

    I could spend 45,000 baht or so for the quatentine…I would stay the whole 9 months thought.

  7. steve Justice says:

    It is overly cpmplex.

  8. steve Justice says:

    They don’t tell you it has to be a charter flight.

  9. steve Justice says:

    Or I could just stay home and let my money pile up.

  10. steve Justice says:

    If find out the name of agencies please pass it on.

  11. Craig Grist says:

    and they say theres just 3 flights a week going in, but from where? theres gonna be people coming from more than just 3 countries

  12. steve Justice says:

    @Craig Grist and need probably 100 or so people on each flight to make it worth a private/charted flight.

  13. steve Justice says:

    This is the problem with not developing herd immunity….you economy tanks…and people die from that .